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Store Builder

The StoreBuilder is an application for visually creating and managing product catalogs for e-commerce sites using a simple drag-and-drop interface. The program was written in Visual Basic 6.0.

The interface consists of three panes. The catalog is displayed as a tree in the left-hand pane. A list of possible datatypes (such as catalog, product, picture, etc) is displayed in a toolbox in the upper right-hand side. A node inspector resides in the lower right-hand pane.

New nodes can be added to the tree by dragging them from the toolbox or by copying and pasting existing nodes. Node details such as name and content can be editted in the inspector pane.

Catalogs can be saved to an XML file or to Microsoft Access database. A preview command formats the catalog (or a section of the catalog) into HTML document using an XSL stylesheet.

A command-line tool written in Java can generate an e-commerce site from the data stored in the catalog.


A catalog loaded into the StoreBuilder application.
Context menu for a node in the catalog.